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How We Can Be Useful

  • You will find different types of attractions.
    It doesn’t matter for us whether you like street fests, historical museums or weird postmodern expositions. We will find the best place for everyone and give you a chance to see any city in its beauty. You will have an unbelievable experience with our tips and secrets.
  • We share different cool events with you.
    If there is something large upcoming, you will hear about it from us. We try to keep in touch with different businesses and fest organizers, so don’t be surprised if you notice that you see something less known that common large fests and parties. This way, you will feel a totally different rhythm of a city.
  • We can help you choose a cheap place to stay at.
    There is no need to book a room in an expensive touristic hotel when you can save plenty of money by choosing a cheaper local place. Here it’s crucial to be safe and know where you can leave your stuff and rest. We will guide you through those places.
  • Or find a place where you can eat.
    Choosing a place to eat at is one of the hardest tasks in a new city, so you have to think twice before you choose. This is why we try to keep you aware of different cool places where you can try something exotic and interesting.
  • You will hear about the latest city news.
    Stay tuned to a city life even when you are far away. You will always hear something about the latest events and if something worrisome is happening, we will warn you. This brings us right to the next point.
  • You will stay safe.
    Our website will help you make your trip not simply pleasant, but also safe. We will tell you where is a safe place to stay or what places you should stay away from late in the evening. We also have traveler’s first aid, where you will find some numbers to call if you end up in a bad situation.

We know that traveling smart, cheap and safe is important for everyone. We know and we are ready to help you with anything. Our information is always up to date and relevant, we value your time and want you to spend each single moment of your vacation with pleasure.