Our Mission

Our mission is to promote peace, safety, and prosperity around the world through a variety of different programs and actions. We have worked in cities and towns in every continent, and we continue to expand our operations as needed to serve the global community. Here are some of the components of our mission. We are thrilled to be able to provide help to those who need it most around the world.

Amnesty and Safety

One of our major goals is to help get innocent people out of conflict zones around the world. One of the most devastating parts of any conflict, whether it’s domestic or international, are the people who get injured or even perish as a result of the conflict. We reach out to those in dangerous parts of the globe and find ways to get them to safety by consulting legal experts. This may be moving them to a different country where they can find refugee status, but often it is just providing them with transportation to another city or even another neighborhood where they can avoid gang violence.

Fighting Hunger

Hunger is another major issue that we aim to fight with our work. We fight under in a number of different ways. At the most basic level, we provide water and food for those in areas where these resources are scarce. We also help provide citizens of these areas with the resources they need to produce their own food, and then we help establish affordable markets in food deserts to ensure continual access to food.

Providing Shelter

Shelter is another important part of maintaining peace and prosperity in any community. We work to help prevent and eradicate homelessness in many places throughout the world. We do this by working with citizens to find low-cost housing in their area. We also help them find jobs so they can maintain this standard of living once it is secure. If there is a dearth of housing options in the area, we work with local construction companies and other organizations to build more affordable options for citizens in the areas that need them most.