Most Important Global Issues

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There are many vast, complex issues facing the world today, and it can be very difficult to know exactly what to do to help with these challenging problems. As a global organization, we’ve identified many of the major issues affecting communities around the world today. We work with our members and communities around the globe to help solve these problems with small, actionable steps. Here are some of the biggest issues facing our world today – and what you can do to help.

Climate Change

The severity of the current climate change problem cannot be overstated – it is already affecting temperatures and natural events around the world, and could cause severe damage to our entire society if it is not addressed in the near future. However, there are still things we can do to help preserve our planet. Anyone can take small steps to reduce their negative impact on the environment. These include recycling and composting, using alternative methods of travel instead of driving, reducing water usage, and relying on natural energy sources like solar and wind power.


Hunger continues to be a problem around the world, both in developing countries and in impoverished neighborhoods in first-world countries. It is very important to eradicate this problem as it kills thousands of people every year. There are many small things you can do to fight hunger. You can donate your extra food, money, or time to food banks and other organizations that provide food to people who need it. You can help make nutritious food more accessible in your community by creating a community garden. You can also end ‘food deserts’ by supporting the construction of new and affordable markets in neighborhoods that need them.


It is very difficult for anyone to lift themselves out of poverty if they do not have a job. Unemployment and underemployment affect people of all ages from around the world, and it can be absolutely devastating. There are many ways to help reduce this in your community. If you are an employer, you can focus on creating stable jobs instead of part-time jobs that cannot provide benefits or support the employee. It is also important to support education around the world. A good education makes it much easier to get a stable job, regardless of what industry you are in. In particular, supporting public primary and secondary education is very important, because accessibility is often what stops people from finishing their studies.

Violence and Political Corruption

Political corruption is a more nuanced issue that has affected many countries and cities around the globe. In many cases, this political corruption has also lead to violence, either directly or indirectly. Many people are not sure how to help with these complex situations, but there are some things you can do. The most important is to be active in the political process. Vote in every election for representatives who you trust, and call your representatives about these issues. Getting involved in non-profit organizations that fight against political corruption is also a good way to do something about it. Additionally, if you are aware of political corruption in your community, and you can work with the press safely to expose it, this is a very important step to take.

Although these issues are daunting and challenging, if we work together as citizens, we can stop the problems that have plagued our society for many years.