How to Help Reduce Poverty in Your Community

When people think about reducing poverty, they are usually thinking about poverty in countries on the other side of the globe. However, many people don’t realize that there’s plenty of poverty in their own communities. Even in some of the wealthiest countries and cities in the world, there are still families that struggle to find necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Here are some ways you can help reduce poverty in your community.

Vote for local candidates who care about these issues.

One of the best ways to make a broader change is by supporting candidates in your local government who are committed to making a difference on issues like homelessness, violence, and hunger. Make an effort to vote in not just general elections, but also state and local ones, and research each candidate thoroughly before going to the ballot box to make sure they are committed to making these positive changes.

Support local schools and other educational initiatives.

One of the best ways to prevent future poverty is by making sure that kids have the education to support themselves as adults. It’s important to support all types of educational initiatives in your community, such as public schools, libraries, and community centers, through funding and outreach. It is important that there are accessible after-school programs available to kids of all ages that enrich their education and keep them safe. Engaging kids through after-school activities at learning institutions not only helps them learn new skills that can help them in adulthood, but it also prevents them from getting involved in violence or other illegal activity that is detrimental to the community.

Improve employment opportunities.

If you run a business in the community, you are in a unique position to provide those in poverty a potential way out. By creating jobs in the community, you not only increase the level of products and services that are available to its residents, but you also make it easier for your employees to support themselves. Hiring qualified employees who are struggling with homelessness in particular is a good way to help reduce this problem. If there aren’t many businesses in your community that provide employment opportunities, then starting one can be very beneficial.

Donate to a local food bank.

Hunger is a huge problem among our country’s most impoverished citizens. You can help reduce hunger by making food more readily available to those in your community who need it. When you have extra food that is still edible, donate it to a food bank near you. You can also volunteer at the food bank to help these items get to those who need them, and even help organize events that reach out to those who may not currently be taking advantage of these services.

Start community meetings.

One of the best ways to start change is just to get together and talk about the issues that are most relevant to you as a community. Even if these meetings are informal, they are a good way to bring people together and create initiatives that you can work on together. If you can, involve local government officials, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and any other prominent figures you believe would be helpful.